> CORE 1

Introduction to fcMRI and CONN

> CORE 2

Preprocessing functional & anatomical data

> CORE 3

Setup: importing all data and study details

> CORE 4

Denoising & Quality Control

> CORE 5

First-level analyses: SBC, RRC, gPPI & group-ICA

> CORE 6

Second-level analyses: GLM, designs & examples


Homework discussion & FC applications


Cluster-level stats & graph theory


Voxel-to-voxel, fc-MVPA & dynamic connectivity


Parallelization options, HPC & scripting

This program will be conducted using ZOOM, but all the program material, including information about setting up your computer beforehand, as well as homework assignments, slides, and videos from the presentations, will be maintained and available in this site.

The workshop is organized in 10 live sessions: core sessions (CORE 1 to CORE 6) covering essential material on functional connectivity analyses and the CONN toolbox, and advanced sessions (ADVANCED 1 to ADVANCED 4) covering advanced topics or analyses in CONN. Check the COURSE CONTENTS section for details about each session. 

When the time comes, click on Join Zoom Meeting to attend a session (see course schedule for session times). Each session is 3½ hours long, including typically two short breaks, and it combines presentations, hands-on practice, and open Q&A and discussions related to the session topic. Sessions will be recorded and videos will be available to students for review during the course (and up to one month after the course ends). 

In addition students are encouraged to post in the open questions shared document any questions that they would like the faculty to address during the course (those questions will be directly answered in this shared document and/or discussed in some of the following classes when appropriate). 

Please remember that all of the material presented in this course is considered intellectual property of Computational Neuroscience Research Lab, S.L. and cannot be copied or shared without explicit permission. 

schematic of CONN workshop course content